Please note the August 1 WSIB Excellence program submission deadline has been extended to August 28, and affects the following important requirements in order to qualify for your November rebate:

  1. Aug. 21: Closing out action plans requires you to submit posted evidence and stories for ALL topics within an action plan to your WSN Health and Safety specialist for review by August 21. This allows for WSN review and approval prior to WSIB submission.

  2. Aug. 28: To qualify for a November 2020 rebate run, employer action plans must be closed out and placed in the WSIB validation queue by August 28. (Closing out an action plan means submitting the evidence and stories for ALL topics within an action plan.)

  3. 60-day response window: Please note with this deadline extension, if any topics within an action plan are returned to the employer to provide additional evidence within a 60-day window, then qualifying for the November 2020 rebate run will depend on how quickly the employer responds. Employers who respond later than the 60-day window may miss the rebate deadline. Employers who miss the November 2020 deadline would then qualify for the one scheduled for February 2021.

  4. Rebate information: The rebate strategy for the health and safety excellence program is based on the WSIB account number for employers, and can be found here.  More details can be found in the WSN Excellence Program business plan. Rebate cheques are issued from the WSIB and delivered directly to the employers.