Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT): Measuring workplace health and safety culture and systems

Take your health and safety program to the next level with CAAT Essentials    

CAAT Essentials is a holistic approach to measuring the current state of your health and safety ecosystem: how health and safety culture and management systems interact and influence one another.  
The approach provides valuable information by examining health and safety maturity factors that have measurable impact on health and safety outcomes.
Six health and safety maturity factors have been found to be predictive of health and safety performance and outcomes. CAAT Essentials has been developed around these maturity factors. 
CAAT assesses the current level of maturity of the health and safety ecosystem using a two-pronged, 360-degree approach. Unlike anything on the market, the tool simultaneously assesses both the occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) and perceptions of the safety culture.

Better together

Benefits of assessing workplace safety systems and culture together

  • Improved safety outcomes by changing the way we look at and manage health and safety 
  • Identifies current perceptions around how people feel, think, and behave with regard to health and safety issues, and measures this against corresponding health and safety system expectations
  • Categorizes and profiles factors that contribute to workplace culture, allowing for the development and implementation of a customized, effective action plan unique to your organization 
  • A CAAT roadmap identifies the most impactful route to take in order to address health and safety effectively
  • Deepens understanding of the workplace culture and sub-cultures
  • Measurable, digestible continuous improvement framework

Who should use this tool?

Senior managers, occupational health and safety professionals and joint health and safety committees in any sector can use CAAT Essentials as a leading indicator tool to measure workplace health and safety performance and identify areas that need improvement before injuries and illnesses occur. 

Measure, Analyze, Improve

Let culture-based safety fuel performance

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