COVID-19 Conversations: Maintaining a Respectful Workplace as Businesses Re-open – Feed Your Brain Lunch and Learn Series

August 26, 2020 - August 26, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Our world has changed, priorities have shifted, and the way we work and the world in which we work are adapting rapidly. You are invited to participate in the free monthly webinar series to discuss some of the most pressing issues we are facing.
Join Workplace Safety North for “COVID-19 Conversations: Maintaining a Respectful Workplace as Businesses Re-open,” on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm ET. 
You will learn from community business leaders who will share their return to the workplace plans, and discuss how they will foster a respectful and inclusive workplace during the pandemic. 


  • Helen Francis, CEO and President of the YMCA of Northeastern Ontario
  • Paul Andre, CEO and President of Workplace Safety North

Discussion topics:  

  • Maintaining respect in the workplace for businesses re-opening 
  • Importance of organizational values and vision to guide expectations
  • Demonstrating commitment to employees’ mental health and wellbeing
  • Preventing harassment and discrimination
  • Tangible takeaways and lessons learned 
The webinar is hosted by Angele Poitras, WSN Community Engagement Specialist and Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor. 
Participants are encouraged to ask questions in the webinar Q&A box or pre-submit a question upon registering. 
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About WSN Feed Your Brain Lunch and Learn Series: Once a month in May, June, July and August, the ‘COVID-19 Conversations’ series features a webinar on issues related to the current global pandemic, including; leadership and workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing, and back-to-work planning.