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How WSN serves Ontario’s Forestry Industries

WSN provides occupational health and safety resources, training, ergonomic and industrial hygiene support and consulting for Ontario’s forestry industries.
Free health and safety resources, including guidelines, safety talks, posters, and more.

Our Forestry Member Firms

WSN serves the following WSIB rate groups: 
  • 030 – Logging
  • 033 – Sawmills/Reforestation
  • 036 – Veneer/Plywood
  • Schedule 2 – Ministry of Natural Resources 
Firms in these rate groups are entitled to member rates for our training courses and e-store purchases as well as a number of pre-paid consulting services.

Hazard Alerts

Submit a Hazard Alert - WSN encourages companies to submit hazard alerts. WSN works with firms to draft a hazard alert for distribution to firms in similar industries.



WSN’s Field Consultants and Ergonomic/Health Specialists are located across Ontario, and have an in-depth understanding of hazards associated with the forestry industry. We know how to help you identify, assess and control your hazards, and we have the expertise to help your company achieve a vision of every worker, home safe and healthy.

Auditing – Safe Workplace Ontario (SWO)

The Safe Workplace Ontario (SWO) certification program, established in 1997, is a voluntary audit process with where forestry firms can continuously monitor and improve their health and safety programs and procedures. SWO provides specific health and safety standards to guide participating firms in their efforts to eliminate injuries and illnesses from their workplaces.


WSN provides legislated training to meet Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Modular Training program requirements for the forestry industry:
  • Cutter Skidder
  • Mechanical Harvesting Equipment Operator
  • Forestry Pit and Road Construction Equipment Operator 
WSN has also developed an extensive catalogue of training courses for the forestry industry, including: Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operations, Control of Energy Hazards in Forestry Mills, Principles of Rigging, Hoisting and Towing on Logging Operations Online, Safe Planting and Safe Travel on Logging  Roads.

Industry Advisory Committee

WSN has a Forestry, Paper, Printing and Converting advisory committee that meet four times a year to provide leadership and input to help influence future health and safety programs, products and services in support of sector needs.  
WSN also participates in various Canadian Standards Association (CSA) forestry related standards committees as well as on the industry-led Provincial Forestry Tripartite Committee which plays an integral role in the development of MTCU modular training programs for the forestry industry.