JHSC Certification

Joint Health and Safety Committee Members

Top 3 things to know about JHSC Certification training in Ontario

1. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario, most workplaces with 20 or more employees must have a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC), with at least one committee member representing workers, and one committee member representing the employer, and each must possess JHSC certification. This is not a new requirement; however there are changes to what the certification process looks like.

2. Under the new standard, there are three JHSC Certification Courses: Part 1, Part 2 and Refresher training.

a. JHSC Certification Training Part 1 is a minimum three days in length and includes such topics as occupational health and safety law, rights, duties and responsibilities of the workplace parties, along with duties and responsibilities of JHSC members. This course is also available in French.

b. JHSC Certification Training Part 2 is a minimum of two days in length and focuses on the concepts of hazard recognition, assessment and control, and evaluation of hazard controls; as applicable to relevant hazards in your workplace. This course is also available in French.

c. JHSC Certification Refresher training is for members granted certification status after March 1, 2016. These members require one day of Refresher training every three years to retain their certified status. An exemption for an active member allows the refresher period to be extended, one time only, to six years, in order to maintain certification status.

3. Learning continuity: Parts 1 and 2 of training must be completed within six months of each other; a one-time application for extension due to extenuating circumstances is available through the MOL. Refresher training must be taken within three years of completion of Certification Parts 1 and 2.