Metal-Non-metal Serious Injury Incident

Thursday, November 12, 2015


METAL / NONMETAL  Serious Injury Incident

Hazard Alert: US Dept of Labour - Saw 2015

Worksite scene of injury incident with sawCement Plant – A contract employee (victim) was using a handheld rotary saw with a worn concrete blade to cut through a 6-inch iron pipe. As the worker attempted to cut the pipe from the bottom up, the saw bounced off the pipe, striking the victim in the chest and causing a severe wound. Worker was transported to a local hospital and was released several days later.

Best Practices

  • Use appropriate equipment for the job.
  • Train workers on machine use and allow only trained workers to operate and maintain the equipment.
  • Frequently inspect equipment and guards.
  • Do not use worn blades due to the potential to cause kickbacks.
  • Follow manufacturer’s specifications and operating procedures.
  • Choose the correct blade for the material being cut.
  • Make sure the blade is properly secured and the blade guard is down.
  • Make sure the blade has no damage (chips or cracks).

Source: Mine Safety and Health Administration, United States Department of Labour