2016 Safety Group registration due Dec. 11

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Improve your health and safety program, and share in potential WSIB rebate

2016 Safety Group application form

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Applications to join the 2016 Safety Group program are currently being accepted by Ontario health and safety association staff until December 11, 2015. If you’re not already a member, you can learn more about the benefits and opportunities of membership here, including:

  • Networking with like-minded firms interested in improving their health and safety program
  • Information updates regarding health and safety legislation, resource material and training
  • Local speakers on topics of interest to your region
  • Health and safety information and knowledge sharing
  • Guidance and support in meeting Safety Group program requirements
  • Potential financial rebate

The program benefits both firms with well-established health and safety programs, as well as those just starting to develop a program. 

“Those with well-established health and safety programs can use the Safety Group program as a way to analyze strengths and weaknesses in their current health and safety policies,” says Tom Welton, Industrial Director at Workplace Safety North. 

“Many firms identify gaps in their program based on a comparison review to the Safety Group standards. Firms just starting out can use program material and receive support from the local meeting facilitator and other local participating firms to help develop and advance their health and safety program. The Safety Group program is a win-win for all participating firms, and I would encourage all Ontario firms to join,” says Welton.

The Northern Ontario Safety Group is jointly sponsored by the four provincial health and safety associations (Workplace Safety North, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, Public Services Health and Safety Association, and Infrastructure Health and Safety Association), and currently has staff across northern Ontario facilitating the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Safety Groups incentive program.

This program provides an opportunity for participating firms to receive up to a six per cent annual rebate on their WSIB premiums based on members meeting program requirements and, as a group, reducing both lost-time injury frequency and severity.

“We're very proud of the accomplishments of the Northern Ontario Safety Group based on the 2014 rebate exceeding $1.5 million dollars which was shared between 79 participating firms,” says Welton. “Even more impressive, was the significant year-over-year reduction in both lost-time injury frequency and severity.  

“The 2015 Safety Group achieved a significant 14.8 per cent reduction in lost-time injury frequency and a severity reduction of 21.54 per cent. These impressive accomplishments show the significant impact of the Safety Group program as well as the significant efforts of committed firms."

For more information on the Northern Ontario Safety Group, please visit the safetygroups.ca website.

To apply for the 2016 Northern Ontario Safety Group, please download the 2016 Safety Group application form, complete, and send to WSN. 

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