Dr. Linda Duxbury to speak at Mining Conference

Monday, January 07, 2013

Dr. Linda Duxbury is one of Canada's leading workplace health researchers and workplace demographic experts. The workplace of today is not the same as the workplace of even one generation ago—let alone three. Despite this, members of all four generations are being asked to understand each other's positions at least sufficiently to work together productively and harmoniously. Enter Linda Duxbury.

Linda Duxbury's in-demand presentations describe why certain demographic groups behave the way they do. She discusses everyone, including those born during the Second World War , those who grew up during the freedom of the '60s, and  those who grew up in the shadow of downsizing, recession and the threat of terrorism. She explains the impact these factors have on the work ethic of different demographic groups and what this means for companies trying to find ways to retain people from each demographic group. Informed by the coming workforce shortage, her keynotes illustrate how talent has become a source of real power for workers.

Dr. Linda Duxbury will speak at the Mining Health and Safety conference on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

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