Expert on shiftwork and worker fatigue to address mining safety conference

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

William Davis to discuss new ANSI health and safety standards 

Each year, the annual mining health and safety conference in Sudbury, Ontario, consistently attracts a full house of new and returning attendees. Considered the Ontario mining and health safety event of the year, the annual conference provides attendees with exceptional educational sessions, networking opportunities and keynote speakers, including William Davis.

There is now a global body of scientific evidence that shiftwork is a high risk, occupational health and safety hazard in 24-7 workplaces. Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) has emerged as the internationally accepted “standard” for managing the costs, risks and liabilities inherent in shiftwork.

Photo of Bill Davis

As Vice President of Operations for Circadian, a global company that helps clients identify optimal work schedules, Davis oversees global projects, from workforce management and scheduling optimization, to shiftworker staffing, crewing, and training, overtime management, and employee health, safety and productivity initiatives.

During the session, Davis will review the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for fatigue risk management systems, and discuss how industries as diverse as aviation, railroads, mining and oil and gas are implementing corporate FRMS systems to address these issues. He will also provide examples of technology and behavioral management to optimize shiftworker health, safety and quality of life, as well as operating efficiency.

In addition to his personal involvement in hundreds of shiftwork-related projects, Davis has extensive experience with fatigue management programs and human error reduction initiatives. These projects have been as diverse as evaluating the effects of high altitude mining (5000+ meters in the high Andes) on the health, safety and performance of heavy equipment operators, to analyzing the physiological and sociological effects of working 24-hour shifts in a large, metropolitan emergency medical response force, utilizing state-of-the-art, automated fatigue detection and countermeasure devices. This wide array of experience has made him a highly sought after speaker at industry forums and conferences.

Prior to his tenure at Circadian, Davis spent 10 years with International Paper as a Corporate Safety Manager and as a Plant Manager. He also spent nearly a decade with Jones and Laughlin/LTV Steel, starting as a steel mill shiftworker and working his way up the safety management ranks. This real-world industrial background has provided Bill with a natural rapport with managers, union representatives, and employees at all organizational levels.

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