MOL Blitz - Safe Operation of Machinery 2016

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What to expect during industrial health and safety inspections in January and February

MOL Blitz - Safe Operation of Machinery 2016 - please download, review, and encourage discussion in your workplace

MOL Blitz - Safe Operation of Machinery 2016 presentation cover

This January 18 to February 26, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will conduct an occupational health and safety inspection blitz of Ontario industrial workplaces regarding the safe operation of machinery. View latest forestry and paper, printing, and converting health and safety infographics. 

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board received the following claims in 2013 for injuries severe enough to result in time away from work:

  • 1,641 workers caught in or compressed by equipment
  • 246 workers rubbed or abraded by friction, pressure or jarred by vibration

Worker checking clearance of machine guards

In one year in Ontario, that's 1,887 total lost-time injuries resulting from contact with machinery and equipment -- an average of five injuries every day of the year!

Priority sectors

  • automotive
  • food and beverage
  • wood and metal fabrication
  • textiles and printing
  • chemical, rubber and plastics
  • ceramics
  • logging (sawmills)
  • pulp and paper

The primary focus of the inspection blitz is machine guarding and lockout and, in support of other provincial health and safety priorities, inspectors will also check for:

  • Internal responsibility system (IRS)
  • electrical hazards
  • activities associated with the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders

Here's what you'll learn from the attached presentation:

  • Recent workplace safety statistics
  • Inspection rationale and enforcement statistics
  • Internal Responsiblity System
  • Roles and responsiblities of employers and workers
  • Lockout and Blocking
  • Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Power Line Contact
  • Pre-Start Health and Safety Review and related legislation

Please review and share this presentation - help make your workplace safer!



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