New JHSC Certification Part Two training program

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Updated specifically for printing and converting sector

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New standards from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) regarding the training and two-part certification of Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members are expected to come into effect in 2015. In response to the requirements for these new standards, Workplace Safety North (WSN) has revamped and updated its JHSC Certification Part Two training program for the paper, printing and converting sector.

Definition of JHSC

A JHSC is a workplace committee required under Section 9 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The committee is made up of management and worker representatives who work together to identify health and safety problems and recommend solutions.

In addition, at least two JHSC members (one worker/one manager) must be certified. In order to obtain JHSC certification, Part One and Two of the training must be completed.

What to expect from new standards

Under the anticipated new JHSC Certification program standard, a single sector-based program covering hazards common to the majority of workplaces in a sector can be used in the Part Two training. As in the past, employers are expected to conduct a workplace hazard assessment to select the most appropriate Part Two training for their members. Employers are encouraged to conduct this assessment in consultation with their existing JHSC members.

What participants learn in 2-day course

WSN Part Two training focuses on the concepts of recognition, assessment, and control of hazards, and evaluation of the hazard controls. Participants will learn how to apply these concepts to a minimum of six hazards that are relevant to their own workplaces. Among other things, the learner practices drafting action plans and recommendations for the employer.

By the end of the two-day course, participants will:

  • Review the material covered in JHSC Certification Part One training
  • Understand the hazard-related concept of recognize, assess, control and evaluate (RACE)
  • Understand key hazards within the paper, printing and converting sector
  • Use various tools to help with recognizing, assessing and controlling hazards and evaluating hazard controls
  • Understand the role of the Joint Health and Safety Committee in the Internal Responsibility System at the workplace.

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Free resources

MOL webpage features information on JHSC Certification Training including the new standards and frequently asked questions, forms, news, and additional resources.

WSN webpage has detailed information on JHSC Certification Training, Part One and Part Two, for the sectors it serves: paper, printing and converting, forestry, and mining.

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