New Ontario workplace health and safety strategy announced

Monday, January 06, 2014

Provincial health and safety association for mining, forestry, and pulp and paper sectors contributes to strategy

Workplace Safety North, the occupational health and safety association for Ontario forestry, mining, and paper, printing, and converting sectors, is a contributor to the new provincial strategy announced by the Ontario Ministry of Labour last month. The strategy is designed to prevent injuries and improve the delivery of workplace health and safety.

Photo of WSN CEO Candys Ballanger-Michaud

“The government travelled around the province gathering feedback from more than 1,200 respondents, including health and safety associations, business, labour groups, and everyday Ontarians,” says Candys Ballanger-Michaud, President and CEO of Workplace Safety North (WSN). “WSN provided sector expertise during the consultative phase. The result is this strategy: an excellent guide in setting priorities to help prevent injuries and create a culture where health and safety is at the centre of every workplace.

“The main priorities noted by the Ministry of Labour include vulnerable workers – typically new and young workers, small business, and raising awareness in general among Ontarians about ways to stay safe and healthy at work,” says Ballanger-Michaud.

The strategy builds on the recent introduction of mandatory health and safety awareness training for Ontario workers and supervisors, which will be enforced by the ministry July 1, 2014, along with new task groups to focus on small businesses and vulnerable workers, and weekend and after-hours workplace inspections.

“We encourage our clients to complete the mandatory health and safety awareness courses before the compliance date of July 1, 2014. We’re here to help businesses that need it, and offer health and safety awareness programs that satisfy the requirements outlined in the new regulation. 

“A safe workplace is the building block of strong communities and a strong economy,” adds Ballanger-Michaud. “For more than 90 years, as the health and safety partner for the Ontario mining, forestry, and paper, printing and converting sectors, the first priority at WSN has been to make workplaces safer.”

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