Prepared for MOL mine inspection blitz on hoisting?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Register for Nov. 29 webinar Locking and Tagging in Mine Hoisting Plants

Mine hoist machineryIn January and February 2014, the Ministry of Labour will be conducting a mine safety inspection blitz focused on locking and tagging in mine hoisting plants. It’s important for Ontario mining companies to ensure their mine hoisting plants are properly maintained and that access to hoist controls and safety systems is appropriately managed. 

Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations related to mine hoist operation

There are 47 sections in Regulation 854 directly related to mine hoist operation that mines must comply with, and competent persons must be available to carry out numerous inspections, adjustments and component certification on a daily to annual basis. Hoist persons and tradespeople are legally required to document servicing and special circumstances in the appropriate logbook.

Key components of safe hoist operation

Important aspects of hoist operation include: workers lock-out when required, control hardware is safely maintained, and system software is properly safeguarded. Systems should be in place to ensure there is no unauthorized adjustment of hoist control. 

Improper locking and tagging hazardous to your health and safety

Improper locking and tagging could result in the emergence of several different types of serious health and safety hazards, including the inadvertent movement of mine shaft conveyances and exposure to harmful electric currents.  

WSN to host free MOL webinar

A Ministry of Labour webinar hosted by WSN will provide insight into the scope of the blitz and MOL hoist inspections. Pre-register for November 29, 2013 webinar: Locking and Tagging in Mine Hoisting Plants