Return to the workplace: A psychological toolkit for heading back to work

Friday, August 21, 2020

New guideline from Canadian Mental Health Association

As the province re-opens, both workers and businesses struggle to adapt to a continually changing environment. As the virus resurges in Europe, many Canadians are preparing for the second wave of COVID-19 infections expected this fall during traditional flu season.

Developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ontario Division, in partnership with Mental Health Works and BounceBack Ontario, Return to the workplace: A psychological toolkit for heading back to work aims to serve employees and employers across a variety of sectors. 

"We really encourage people to take good care of both their physical and mental health," says Angele Poitras, Community Engagement Specialist and a CMHA-Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor at Workplace Safety North.

"This is a very challenging time and also an opportunity to really focus on self-care and well-being, and the guide provides a lot of great tips on how to do that." Poitras hosts the popular free webinar series "COVID-19 Conversations" with an upcoming Aug. 26 webinar focused on maintaining a respectful workplace as businesses re-open.

The mental health toolkit provides excellent resource information for both employee and employer, including:

  • How the pandemic has affected us
  • The cognitive triad
  • Different thinking styles
  • Tips for speaking with employer
  • Tips for speaking with employee
  • Creating a psychologically healthy and safe workplace
  • Personal well-being

The kit also includes additional resources such as the Ontario guideline on developing a COVID-19 workplace safety plan; Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development resources to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace, Public Health Ontario resources and fact sheets, and more.

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