Safe chainsaw handling course now available to Ontario volunteer organizations

Monday, November 03, 2014

Snowmobile clubs, volunteer firefighters access training

Ontario snowmobile club volunteers and other volunteer organizations are invited to access training from Workplace Safety North on how to handle a chainsaw safely.

For snowmobile trail maintenance, it’s critical that organization volunteers understand the principles of safe chainsaw operation – from selecting the right chainsaw for the job to using appropriate personal protective equipment.

This half-day training course covers specific safety issues such as: parts and safety features of the chainsaw; proper chainsaw starting procedures; proper grip, stance and cutting technique; danger zone rule; dealing with compression and tension wood, kickback, working near power lines, and how to deal with hung-up trees.

Cost is $75 per person and special group rates are also available.

To arrange training for your volunteers, please contact the Workplace Safety North trainer in your area.


Also available from Workplace Safety North