Official online health and safety training for Ontario tree planters

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

E-learning helps both new and experienced tree planters understand the hazards

Forestry-worker planting is Ontario’s official online health and safety training program and is designed to give prospective tree planters the knowledge they need to safely perform this demanding work. Created by provincial forestry health and safety association, Workplace Safety North (WSN), the program features up-to-date content, mobile-friendly design, and plenty of interactivity. Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

“Through the online training program, new planters gain a basic understanding of tree planting work and life, and are better prepared to plant on the block and live in camp,” says Chris Serratore, WSN Health and Safety Specialist based in Thunder Bay. “This also reduces the amount of health and safety training supervisors are required to do onsite.”

Ontario tree planting employers and workers were consulted in the creation of the program, and a free demo is available to employers. “Industry review is essential to the process for every Ontario health and safety training program, and tree planting is no different,” says Serratore. “WSN consulted with rookie and veteran tree planters, crew bosses, supervisors, employers, and other subject matter experts to create the online occupational health and safety training program.”

“A key feature of the program is the relevant and realistic content,” says Kelly Ann Smith, WSN E-Learning Specialist, “and that comes from consultation with front-line workers, supervisors, and subject matter experts. Planters get the real goods on tree planting. They come better prepared to face the realities of the job, and that leads to better retention of planters.”

“The course is interactive and has engaging activities and quizzes built in,” says Smith. “When participants take an active role in the process, they learn more during the training, and retain more when they’re done. Planters arrive at camp with a deeper understanding of health and safety as it relates to tree planting, and that decreases the number of workplace injuries.”

There’s an app for that

Mobile-friendly, participants can log on to the course from anywhere with an Internet connection, and managers can access administrative features from their devices. The course is now more accessible to everyone. The user-friendly interface is straightforward to use: it’s easy to get in, easy to track, bookmark, and complete the course. Once employers purchase their licence, everything can be done in-house, with technical help available if needed. Upon successful completion of the quizzes in all modules, a training certificate is issued.

A reference app is also available for online training participants – so planters can get health and safety information when they are planting, no cell signal required. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store onto devices and accessed any time – regardless of location. 

Record-keeping administration simplified also eases the administration burden of health and safety training for companies by making training accessible, mobile-friendly, and easy to track. The program makes it easy for companies to track occupational health and safety training records to know who has been trained and when. 

When you register more than 30 participants, a volume discount applies. For more information, or to order, please visit or contact


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