Updated COVID-19 workplace safety plan guide: Who needs a plan and how to develop one

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Learn how you can create a plan to help protect your workers and others

Under the new provincial COVID-19 response framework, certain businesses are now required to have a workplace COVID-19 safety plan if their community is in the Protect (yellow), Restrict (orange), Control (red) or Lockdown levels.

Those businesses requiring a workplace safety plan are: restaurants, bars and food or drink establishments; sports and recreational facilities; meeting and event spaces; retail businesses located in malls; personal care services; casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments; cinemas and performing arts facilities.

All other businesses are encouraged to create a workplace safety plan. You don’t have to submit your plan to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, but creating one can help you make the workplace safer for everyone.

COVID-19 response framework including COVID-19 measures by region (map)

Workplace safety plan

Ontario has also updated its guidance on masks and personal protective equipment in the workplace.

Using masks in the workplace