Werner Herzog documentary on distracted driving receives more than 2 million YouTube views

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Award-winning director takes on texting and driving for It Can Wait campaign

Taking your eyes off the road – even for a second – can change your life forever, and the Werner Herzog documentary “From One Second to the Next” uploaded on August 7, 2013, has already received more than two million YouTube views. The 35-minute video is part of an awareness campaign on distracted driving called “Texting & Driving – It Can Wait.” 

Best known for such work as “Fitzcarraldo” and the documentary “Grizzly Man,” the German filmmaker has created a moving work that tells the story of four people who have each been profoundly affected by texting and driving. In the documentary, you will meet Xzavier, Chandler, Debbie, and Reggie who all know the horrors of texting and driving firsthand – watch and learn from their stories in From One Second to the Next. Then visit itcanwait.com to take the pledge, and learn more about the dangers of texting while driving.

In Canada, the use of cellphones or electronic entertainment devices while driving is prohibited under Bill 118. The legislation exempts hands-free devices, but recent research indicates that hands-free technology is no solution. Workplace Safety North recognizes that the best practice is to turn off hand-held devices while driving, and pulling over to stop before using such devices. No call is worth the risk. It can wait!