Workplace health and safety statistics now online

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Public access to safety records

A new online data portal makes workplace safety a matter of public record in Ontario, and allows businesses and the general public to see how companies measure up when it comes to worker health and safety.          

WSIB Compass website pageThe Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) opened its data vault to the public with the recent launch of Compass, an online portal for public access to workplace injury statistics. Any business with WSIB coverage from 2012 to 2016 is included in the data. 

Users can see the number of injuries in any workplace in Ontario, based on WSIB claims, and Compass identifies what types of injuries are happening. Users can also get a sense of how serious injuries are by looking at how many people were off work past the day of the injury, and how many people are receiving benefits one year later.

“Similar to the DineSafe program in Toronto a few years ago, Compass enables both the public and industry to view a workplace’s health and safety records,” says Lee-Anne Black, Director for WSIB Corporate Business Information and Analytics. If you can’t find what you need, you can also make a statistical request to WSIB.

Is this a safe workplace for your daughter or son?

“For example,” says Black, “parents can now look at the safety records of companies where their daughter or son might be applying for part-time or summer work, and quickly get information on a particular workplace.”

Access to data is helping Ontario businesses immensely, according to Tom Welton, Industrial Director at Workplace Safety North.

“Easy, timely access to information and data allows business owners to see how they compare to similar companies, and for the public to check the health and safety statistics of a particular employer,” says Welton. “In the past, a company would have had to contact the WSIB and request their firm’s profile to access these statistics.

Business owners compare notes on how to improve health and safety

“Another benefit of WSIB’s online Compass tool is that Ontario businesses can easily access current and timely data about their company as well as other like-sized, similar companies,” says Welton. “Being able to compare a similar company’s health and safety performance lets business owners see where they’re doing well, and where they need to improve.”

“They can compare their results to their industry sector rate group using infographics WSN provides for its members, and that allows them to also compare their results to the provincial industry. It’s really helpful in directing attention and resources to where they are most needed,” notes Welton.

Benefits to accessing workplace health and safety data

  • Businesses better able to review, track, and plan for improved workplace health and safety.
  • Helps inform and improve workplace decision-making on health and safety, prevention, and return to work strategies.
  • See injury claims and benefit payments by year.
  • Downloadable information for research, planning, and presentations.
  • Companies can compare themselves to up to five similar workplaces.
  • Larger enterprises can compare internal divisions or departments that are separately registered with WSIB.
  • Potential and current employees can view health and safety records.
  • Parents and guardians can check for potential safety of young people in summer and part-time jobs.
  • Injured workers can view company health and safety statistics.
  • Encourages development of analysis, insights, and digital products related to health and safety within the province.


Compass Ontario workplace health and safety statistics

Statistical infographics for Ontario forestry sector, mining sector, and paper, printing, and converting sector.