Workplace Safety North Annual Report 2022-2023: A Platinum Year

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Achievements in ongoing initiatives, training programs, and collaborative efforts

Cover of Workplace Safety North Annual Report 2022-2023Workplace Safety North (WSN) had a remarkable year in 2022-2023. WSN helps ensure the safety and well-being of workers in the mining and forest products industries across Ontario. The annual report highlights accomplishments with a goal to keep every worker safe and healthy.

A year of excellence

The year 2022 was particularly special for WSN as they received the Platinum Level Award of Excellence from Excellence Canada. This award recognizes dedication to workplace health and safety. The Platinum Level award shows they are committed to sustainable practices, always improving, and sharing knowledge and best practices.

Statistics and industry trends

Workplace Safety North’s impact is clear from the statistics. In the forest products and mining sectors, they provided 889 client consultations, totaling 4,315 hours. WSN training programs reached 8,782 participants in Health and Safety Services and 7,304 in Mine Rescue. These numbers show that WSN provides significant support and training.

Prevention and evidence-based initiatives

One important initiative is the new Risk Management Awards program. It rewards Ontario resource companies for managing risks effectively. By focusing on research and safety measures, WSN aims to protect workers and reduce workplace dangers.

Ontario Mine Rescue

Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR) is a critical part of Workplace Safety North’s efforts. In 2022, OMR conducted 13 mine rescue operations and provided training to 900 volunteer responders. Shawn Rideout, Chief Ontario Mine Rescue Officer, and Stephanie Bleker, Manager of Vale Totten Mine, received national recognition for their safe evacuation efforts.

Education programs and resources

WSN expanded its training offerings in 2022. Safe Driving on Forest Roads is now available in French language. The Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation was also updated. WSN also developed many health and safety materials, and shared them widely through social media and other channels.

Help for small businesses

WSN supports small businesses through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Health and Safety Excellence program. Small firms that improve workplace safety receive financial rewards, including WSIB premium rebates. This initiative has benefitted many small businesses and made workplaces safer.

Industry webinars, symposiums and conferences

WSN addresses new safety challenges, such as electric vehicles in mines, by hosting industry events. By hosting symposiums and conferences, WSN shares knowledge and discusses risk management. The events also help industry professionals learn about new trends and stay safe when adapting to new technologies.

Governance and industry advisors

WSN collaborates closely with industry volunteers on advisory committees to address industry-specific issues and guide programs. This approach ensures that sector occupational health and safety needs are met effectively.

Staff highlights

WSN recognizes the dedication of its staff. They actively contribute to the community through volunteer hours. Their commitment to a healthy workplace was acknowledged with the Platinum Canada Award of Excellence.

WSN continues to show its commitment to advancing workplace health and safety throughout the mining and forest products industries in Ontario.

Achievements in 2022-2023 are a testament to their dedication to the vision of “Every worker, home safe and healthy.” Through their ongoing initiatives, training programs, and collaborative efforts, WSN continues to help make Ontario workplaces safer and healthier for all.


Workplace Safety North Annual Report 2022-2023

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