World’s deepest base metal mine wins health and safety award

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Second trophy for Kidd Operations, a Glencore company


WSN staff with award winners
WSN President’s Award winner for health and safety excellence in the Ontario mining sector: Kidd Operations - a Glencore company, of Timmins. From left to right:  WSN Health and Safety Specialist Sam Barbuto,  Rick Farrell, Shawn Connors, Guy Lamb, Edward Pieterse, and WSN President and CEO Candys Ballanger-Michaud.

For the second time in three years, the world’s deepest base metal mine has won the top provincial award from Ontario mining health and safety association, Workplace Safety North (WSN). The annual WSN award recognizes the top mining operation based on implemented safety systems and safety performance over the past two calendar years.

“The award is a good way to celebrate, and focus on what we’re doing right,” says Edward Pieterse, Manager of Health and Safety at Kidd Operations in Timmins. “And it’s also a good way to remember that the journey’s not over and we have to keep moving forward and looking at areas where we can improve.  

"When I say ‘journey’ – everyone talks about ‘zero harm’ – that’s the goal. We believe it. We have workers here with 35-year, 40-year careers of zero harm. So it’s very possible. We want to make sure that all industries recognize that, and can improve with leadership from their organization, and with leadership from our organization, as well,” says Pieterse.

Health and safety 'baked into the DNA'

Aerial photo of Kidd Operations mine and millFounded in 1966, Kidd Operations, a Glencore company, employs 803 full-time employees and 100 contractors. Approximately 175 work at the mill site, and the remainder at the mine. A train connects the two worksites, which are 27 kilometres apart. As the world’s deepest base-metal mine, reaching 9,600 feet below sea level, it also has the longest surface-to-bottom ramp in the world. In 2015, Kidd Mine will produce an average of 40,000 tonnes of copper and 70,000 tonnes of zinc. 

“We’re a mature organization, we’ve been around for a while; the workers and the management team all have that safety culture in the back of their mind; it’s kind of baked into the DNA of whatever type of work you may be doing,” notes Pieterse.

“We believe Kidd leads the way and sets the tone for other operations with our strong commitment to ensuring every worker goes home safe and healthy each day. We’re a positive role model for Ontario mining and all businesses in showing that workplace health and safety is an integral part of every job and every work day.

“Workplace Safety North is doing a good job. I think the industry has come a long way and we’re doing really well. This sort of event allows us to celebrate that success, it’s very positive,” says Pieterse. “We’re honoured to be recognized for our dedication in embracing safety culture, and in creating and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.”

About WSN Awards

The WSN Workplace Excellence Awards program provides recognition to firms actively engaged in improving health and safety performance. Companies complete an assessment of current health and safety programs, and develop an action plan to improve safety performance. Companies scoring 80 per cent or more on the self-assessment submit the completed assessment in order to receive a display plaque. Self-assessments are reviewed and scores may be validated by an on-site visit from WSN. All submissions are automatically considered for the President’s Award. Scoring is based on the results of the self-assessment in combination with statistical performance over the past two calendar years. Top scoring firms in forestry, mining, paper, printing, and converting, and small business are presented with the President’s Award at the WSN annual general meeting each September. 


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