Your view: Reader survey results are in!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Introducing a new look for Every Worker newsletter

Every Worker new newsletter designThis month, Every Worker newsletter unveils a new look based on reader feedback. The bi-monthly health and safety newsletter has brief articles focused on favourite topics.

On alternate months, readers can also opt-in for training news to receive a bi-monthly Health and Safety Training and Services Update. 

More than 65 per cent of respondents were workers, supervisors, and employers, the majority based in northern Ontario.

Main areas of employment, as expected, were mining and forest products, as well as manufacturing, construction, and general occupational health and safety. Company size varied, from small to large, as did age range, from 25 to 65 plus.

Feedback from the May 2017 online reader survey was very favourable, with an overall satisfaction rating of 85.7 per cent, and 93.6 per cent of readers rating the newsletter as somewhat to very useful.

Thank you to more than 190 readers who took the time to respond and let us know their thoughts. The results offer a snapshot of readers’ views and the findings help shape the direction of the newsletter going forward. 

Most important topics to readers
Respondents rank topics in order of importance to them

  1. Health and safety news
  2. Legislative changes
  3. Hazard alerts
  4. Ministry of Labour inspection blitzes
  5. Health and safety research
  6. Upcoming events and training
  7. Trending topics

Constructive feedback from some of our readers included suggestions for a printer-friendly version, more health and safety news, safety talk resources, hazard alerts, and staff recognition. Every Worker is implementing changes based on the suggestions received. 

We are very grateful to all those who took part. You can view summary results of 2017 reader survey. Your feedback is always welcome!