Fatality Prevention Program: Development and Implementation

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Conference Proceedings
Presented at 2014 WSN Mining Health and Safety Conference
Fatality Prevention Program: Development and Implementation
Roberta Spicer 
Superintendent - Health and Safety
The Redpath Group
Derek Budge
Director – Health, Safety and Environment
The Redpath Group
This presentation will show you some practical ways of integrating fatality prevention into your organization so it is at the forefront of thought for all employees. Most established companies in the mining industry may say they have a comprehensive and mature safety program, and many have managed their injury frequencies to very low rates. In this presentation, you will be shown a few snapshots of current industry trends and why a focused Fatality Prevention Program is required. Redpath will briefly discuss their inspiration for developing a Fatality Prevention Program, including the process of development, implementation and the program’s various components.
The presentation will touch on some of the implementation challenges that The Redpath Group had as a global company and how those challenges were overcome. Considerations include cultural perceptions, multiple languages, and working with various clients. Program marketing and sustainability strategies are also discussed. This presentation will inspire you to re-evaluate your safety management system and to enhance the focus on fatal risks; subsequently reducing injury and fatality rates.