Feed Your Brain Webinar: Young Workers and Mental Health

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Workplace Safety North (WSN) recorded the Feed Your Brain webinar, “Young Workers and Mental Health: What Employers Need to Know.” Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Angele Poitras, led a one-hour session that explores why mental health matters in your workplace.

If you hire young workers or already have them in your workplace, this webinar is a must. Get an overview of why young workers think and act the way they do, plus learn how to best interact with them.

You will learn:

  • Differences with their world and yours
  • How social media affects young workers
  • Is anxiety on the rise?
  • 10 reasons for youth anxiety
  • What employers can do

About WSN Feed Your Brain Series: The series focuses on trending topics in workplace health and safety, including: mental health and psychological health and safety, workplace policy regarding alcohol and drug use, and how to build a strong safety culture. 

View webinar recording on YouTube