How to Assess Psychological Risk in Your Workplace – Feed Your Brain Lunch and Learn Webinar

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On December 7, 2022, Workplace Safety North (WSN) hosted a webinar, “How to Assess Psychological Risk in Your Workplace,” as part of the Feed Your Brain lunch and learn webinar series. 
WSN Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Elisha Malette led a 90-minute session on how to assess psychological risk at work. Listen to the conversation as health and safety professionals discuss the importance of assessing psychological risk, and how to integrate mental health and psychological health and safety risk assessments in the workplace.
YouTube video: How to Assess Psychological Risk in Your Workplace

Topics discussed:

  • Integrate psychological health and safety assessments into existing workplace practices using proactive and reactive hazard recognition tools
  • Use case studies and scenarios to demonstrate the importance of including mental health and psychological health and safety in operations
  • Discuss physical harm and mental harm
  • Use the Mental Health Continuum Model and add to:
    • Workplace Inspections
    • Field Level Risk Assessments
    • Incident Investigations
    • Worker Check-ins
    • Legal Compliance (Workplace Violence and Harassment)

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