Joint Health and Safety Committees: Proactive vs. Reactive

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Conference Proceedings
General Safety

Presented at the 2014 WSN Mining Health and Safety Conference

Value of Proactive JHSCs vs. Reactive JHSCs in Obtaining Zero Harm
Bruce Fraser - The Redpath Group
Manager Environmental Health & Safety
J.S. Redpath Limited

This presentation will share past successes and lessons learned on how Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) can have a serious proactive impact on reducing fatality and total medical injury frequencies, while also creating a safety culture in the home and community.

The presentation will also discuss pitfalls to avoid from both a labour and management perspective in order to ensure the successful effectiveness of the JHSC system.

The goal of the presentation is to stimulate some creative thought with the conference delegates. Delegates can then return to their respective organizations and have courageous conversations on continuous improvement of the JHSC process, as we all strive towards zero harm.