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Annual audit helps maintain effectiveness of modular common core training

The Ontario Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit Guideline is intended to help in maintaining the effectiveness of modular training programs provided by mining firms like yours.
WSN is providing this Audit Template to ensure organizations have the information needed to successfully complete the Ontario Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit annually.
The purpose of the audit is to ensure trainer skills, employee performance, and program quality remain current at the highest standard throughout the province.
Where to start: It is recommended that you review the WSN Reference Guide for the Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit before beginning your audit process. If you have questions, please contact your local WSN Health and Safety Specialist.
a. Purpose         
b. Background  
               i.      In-House Training Program Evaluation for Ontario Mining Sector
c. Process for the Signing Authority Audit
d. WSN Audit Template for 2023 audit criteria
              i.      Step 1: Prepare for your internal audit
              ii.      Step 2:  Conduct the Audit according to Ministry Guideline    
             iii.      Step 3: Document audit findings using WSN Audit Template (based on Ministry Requirements)
             iv.      Step 4: Presentation to Management
 1. Signing Authority Audit Results Meeting
              v.      Step 5: Management of Change and Continuous Improvement
1. WSN Support for the MLITSD Initiatives 2023-2024
    • Five-page form describing audit criteria and acceptable evidence for the fillable form
    • Ten-page fillable form; once completed, it becomes your record of audit results.
    • Five-page government document "Ontario Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit Guidelines" outlines provincial audit guidelines.
Results of the audit need to be kept on file for Ministry inspections.
This WSN support material is not intended to measure legal compliance, replace, or audit a complete health and safety management system.

Additional Support

Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit Workshop

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