Mining Workplace Environment Checklist

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Occupational Disease
Mine Ventilation
This checklist is designed to capture a point-in-time picture of industrial hygiene programs at a worksite. It can be used by supervisors, Joint Health and Safety Committees or health and safety departments. The checklist can be used anytime, but it is recommended to re-visit the checklist if a new operation sets up or significant changes occur in operations or procedures. The checklist includes:
  1. Physical Hazards: Noise, Ionizing radiation, Radon, Non-ionizing radiation, Heat stress, Cold environments, Vibration, Musculoskeletal disorders
  2. Biological Hazards: Biological agents, Bacteria, viruses and fungi
  3. Chemical Hazards: Chemical agents including mine gases and diesel particulate matter
  4. Auxiliary mine ventilation
  5. Working on surface, and wildlife hazards: West Nile virus, Tick bites and Lyme disease
  6. WHMIS