One-Day Symposium: Battery Electric Vehicle Safety in Mines

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Conference Proceedings
Battery Electric Vehicles
Emergency Preparedness
Mobile Equipment
On February 12, 2020, Workplace Safety North (WSN) hosted a mining safety event on battery electric vehicles. Attendees learned about industry case studies, mine rescue emergency response to battery fires, and risk assessment and training guidelines. A panel of industry organizations discussed their experiences adopting the technology. Their presentations are below:
Battery Fleet Management to Achieve Daily Production
Mike Mayhew, Integration Manager, Kirkland Lake Gold / Mayhew Performance 
Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining: A Case Study in Theory and Practical Terms
David Jacques, Vice President, Engineering, MacLean Engineering & Marketing Co. Ltd.
Battery Electric Vehicle Specification: Development, History and Intent
Alain Landry, Mobile Equipment Specialist Projects and Steve Holmik, Mobile Equipment Contracts Specialist, Glencore Sudbury INO
Ontario Mine Rescue: Emergency Response to Battery Fires
Dan Rulli, Mine Rescue Officer / Consultant for the Southern District of Ontario, Ontario Mine Rescue
Bow-Ties and Battery Electric Vehicles Underground
Trevor Rickwood, Ergonomist – Occupational Health, Vale Ontario Operations