Ontario Ministry of Labour Diesel Survey of Mines and Mine Contractors

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Conference Proceedings

Presented at the 2017 Mining Health and Safety Conference

Ontario Ministry of Labour Diesel Survey of Mines and Mine Contractors

Glenn Staskus, Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour’s (MOL) mandate includes setting, communicating and enforcing the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its regulations with respect to Ontario workplaces, including mines and mining plants in the province. The MOL relies in part on a number of advisory committees that have been appointed by the Minister of Labour under section 21 of the OHSA to provide assistance and advice on occupational health and safety matters, including the Mining Legislation Review Committee (MLRC).  The MLRC, which is comprised of representatives from labour and management in the mining sector, endorsed the creation of a survey that was sent out in 2014 through the MOL to 40 underground mines and mining contractors that are operating diesel equipment fleets in the province. The survey requested information including the size and makeup of the diesel fleet, engine specifications and maintenance practices of equipment operated by mines and mining contractors. The questions contained in the survey were developed with the assistance of the members of the Diesel Subcommittee, which was at the time one of the MLRC’s standing subcommittees, technical support was provided by MOL staff.

The presentation includes the outcomes of the 2014 diesel survey that will provide information to the MLRC to assist the committee in the process of making recommendations for possible amendments to diesel related requirements set out in Regulation 854 (Mines and Mining Plants) under the OHSA.