Preparing the occupational athlete for peak performance

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Conference Proceedings
Presented at the 2018 Mining Health and Safety Conference by Emily Tetzlaff, Kristina van Lankvelt, and Toon van Lankvelt, Med-I-Well.
The very nature of mine rescue requires workers to be physically and mentally prepared to meet the challenges they will face. Due to the demands placed upon mine rescuers and the athletic nature of the position, they should proudly be considered occupational athletes. Just as athletes train for their specific sport, both mentally and physically, mine rescuers should do so. During the January 2018 mine rescue training sessions at Glencore’s Nickel Rim South Mine, employees were challenged to ask themselves “Am I prepared to achieve peak performance?” This presentation focuses on how peak performance training can contribute to reduced occupational accidents and injury risk, as well as greater overall well-being for rescue workers.