The Right to Disconnect - Feed Your Brain Lunch and Learn Webinar

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Webinar Presentations
On April 13, 2022, Workplace Safety North (WSN) hosted a webinar, “The Right to Disconnect,” as part of the Feed Your Brain lunch and learn webinar series.
WSN Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Elisha Malette, led a 90-minute session on how to help ensure workers can disconnect from their employment responsibilities after working hours in-line with Ontario’s new right to disconnect provision coming into effect June 2, 2022. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more Canadians to work from home and many workers have reported increased issues with “switching off” at the end of the workday. Ontario will be the first jurisdiction in Canada to establish policies that prioritize and enable mechanisms to ensure a healthier work-life balance.



Youtube video: The Right to Disconnect

Topics discussed:

  • Overview of the written policy on disconnecting from work requirements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA)
  • Tools and resources to help you learn more about the ESA
  • How employers can best meet the new legislative requirement and what should be included


Your guide to the Employment Standards Act - including minimum wage, hours of work limits, public holidays, vacation, and more