Role of a Mining Second-Line Supervisor

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General Safety

During 2014 the Safety and Loss Control Technical Advisory Committee zeroed in on a unique opportunity to identify and help the mining industry regarding the role of the second-line supervisor. The industry agreed that a key component of success is the identification and selection of competent supervisors with strong safety values. The role was described as “a linchpin for health and safety within an organization”.
Many discussions were held with the Safety and Loss Control Technical Advisory Committee and the group agreed to undertake the research and development of a tool or guide for industry to be used in the role of second-line supervisors. This guide is not exhaustive in nature, nor is it a training program or manual for prospective second-line supervisors. Rather this guide is intended to help the industry identify and select potential senior supervisors.  
This guide is, in part, the result of a review of practices currently used in the mining sector. It is through this type of collaboration that the industry will achieve its mutual goal of zero harm and ensure all workers go home safe and healthy.