Top 10 Health and Safety Risks in Logging Operations 2017

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Fall Prevention
Lockout and Guarding
Mental Health
Mobile Equipment
Motor Vehicle Incidents
Safety Culture
These are the top 10 health and safety risks in logging operations as identified by workers, supervisors and employers during a risk assessment workshop in 2017:
  1. Mobile equipment: Distracted driving.
  2. Substance use: Under the influence of alcohol, prescription or other drugs.
  3. ‘Struck by’: Machinery danger zone infractions.
  4. Machine lockout, guarding: Not properly locking out, improper equipment isolation.
  5. Workers taking shortcuts: Gaps in training, coaching, supervision. 
  6. Working alone: In remote locations. 
  7. Regulation: Working on public access roads.
  8. Fatigue: Fatigue-induced incidents.
  9. Lifting equipment: Lifting logs or trees.
  10. Maintenance: Mechanics standing on equipment or cylinders to perform maintenance.