2020 Conference Proceedings

Proceedings are from the Virtual Mining Health and Safety Conference held April 21 to 23, 2020.

Tuesday, April 21 - Mental Health

Watch it again! Stand Up Against Stigma 
Big Daddy Tazz’s presentation about mental health
Workplace Mental Health Resources
Workplace Safety North
COVID-19 and Mental Health @ Work 
Government of Canada
COVID-19 Resources
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Wellness Together 
E-mental health supports and access to virtual counselling services to everyone in Canada - Government of Canada

Wednesday, April 22 - Multigenerational Workplace

Download 'Wellness in a multigenerational workplace' presentation and reference list
Workplace Safety North
Workplace Safety North

Thursday, April 23 - Safety Behaviour and Culture

Watch it again! Humans: The Strongest Link in the Safety Chain
Corrie Pitzer’s presentation about safety leadership
Improve your workplace health and safety culture
Learn more about CAAT Essentials consulting, Workplace Safety North