2014 Conference Proceedings

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

The Humanity of it All
Dr. Lou Francescutti
President, Canadian Medical Association

Update - Mining Health Safety and Prevention Review
Fergus Kerr
Advisory Panel Member, Employer

A Systems Based Approach to Managing Fatigue in Mining Operations
William Davis, Vice-President of Operations
Circadian Technologies

Injury and Occupational Disease Trends in the Mining Industry
Dawna Nighbor, Business Analyst
Workplace Safety North

Overview of the Province of Ontario's Underground Mine Blitzes 2013-2014
Glenn Staskus, Provincial Coordinator
Ministry of Labour

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

DEC Drilling Excellence Certification
Berthold Hettrich, Lead Auditor for DEC Program
Canadian Diamond Drillers Association (CDDA)

Tire and Wheel Awareness Presentation
Gary Foley, Director of Corporate Sales
Fountain Tire

Do Deep Mechanized Miners Get Better at Working in the Heat With Age?
Glen Kenny, Full Professor and University Research Chair
University of Ottawa

Ventilation on Demand
Edward McLaren, Senior Engineer
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - A Glencore Company

Our Road to Zero Harm
Ron Price, Superintendent Hoyle Pond
Dumas Mining

Fatality Prevention Program: Development and Implementation
Derek Budge, Director - Health, Safety and the Environment
Roberta Spicer, Superintendent - Health and Safety
The Redpath Group

Kidd Operations - Road to Zero Harm
Ed Pieterse, Superintendent of Health and Safety
Kidd Operations: A Glencore Company

Joint Health and Safety Committees: Proactive vs. Reactive
Bruce Fraser, Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
The Redpath Group

Ground Support Practice at Vale's Operations in Sudbury
Mike Yao, Principal Engineer - Ground Control

Empirical Experience with Shotcrete in Deep Underground Mines
Brad Simser, Principle Ground Control Engineer
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - A Glencore Company

String Loading - Nickel Rim South Mine Development
Bryan Wilson, General Foreman
Lester Kneen, Senior Project Supervisor
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - A Glencore Company

Hemlo's Operation's QA/QC Program for Ground Support
Phil Earl, Senior Rock Mechanics Engineer
Barrick Gold

Sandvik's MD Bolt and In-situ Testing of Ground Support
Bradley Darlington, Ground Support Engineer

Exposure to Carcinogens in the Ontario Mining Sector
Paul Demers, Director
Victoria Arrandale, Senior Research Associate
Occupational Cancer Research Centre at Cancer Care Ontario

WSN Initiative on IRS
Dwayne Plamondon, Director Mining
Workplace Safety North