2018 Conference Proceedings

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A burst-prone ground support study at KGHM’s Morrison Mine
Siavash Taghipoor, Dan Laing, Serge Tousignant, and Dean Switzer
Beyond safety in mining: What about occupational hygiene?
Lydia Renton, BluMetric Environmental Inc.
Chronic occupational and non-occupational diseases: Mitigation through comprehensive health and wellness program development
Dr. Farrell Cahill, Horizon Occupational Health Solutions
Increased safety and productivity through collision avoidance systems on mobile equipment
Dave Winfield and Karly Winfield, Provix Inc.
Legal access to marijuana: The workplace impact
Randy Herman, CannAMM Occupational Testing Services
Mental health is physical health: The barriers the mining community faces towards a productive, safe, and healthy workforce
Ben Kropp, Dr. James Kruck, Jenna Kressler, Occupational Safety Group
Mental health and Drugs: Effective management in the workplace
Don Langlois, DMC Mining Services and Dr. Reena Dhatt
Ministry of Labour Risk Assessment Initiatives
Robert Barclay and Sujoy Dey, Ministry of Labour
Putting the health back into health and safety
Dr. Mike Wahl, Horizon Occupational Health Solutions
Preparing the occupational athlete for peak performance
Emily Tetzlaff, Kristina van Lankvelt, Toon van Lankvelt, Med-I-Well
Robert Stoyanoff, Golder Associates
Resilience Engineering: Using resilience and mindfulness for a safer workplace
Lisa Lounsbury, Zero Harm Consulting
Too late when the fire is at the mine’s gate
Greg Bartlett, WASP Remote Sprinkler Protection
Using intelligent technology to protect contractors and instill a safety culture
Anne-Sophie Tetreault, Lean Master Cognibox
Williams Mine diesel particulate matter management strategy and results
Hannah Demers, Barrick Hemlo