Underground rescue operations require the use of specific and specialized equipment for mine rescue teams. The purchasing of equipment is done centrally to ensure standardization between districts and mines. All personnel trained in mine rescue in Ontario are familiar with the equipment below. This allows teams to aid and assist each other without the fear of not being able to adequately operate rescue equipment.

Drager BG4

The Drager BG4 is a self-contained, closed-circuit breathing apparatus that provides up to four hours of breathing air, allowing mine rescuers to work in areas with a contaminated atmosphere or low oxygen. Positive pressure in the breathing circuit prevents contaminants being drawn into the closed breathing circuit.

Test-it 6100 Testers

The Test-it 6100 tester measures the flow and pressure of BG4s. The tester comes in a suitcase designed for easy portability.

CAREVent DRA Automatic Rescue Ventilator

The CAREvent Ventilator is lightweight and portable. The unit provides a safe and effective means of providing demand breathing or artificial ventilation to casualties suffering respiratory difficulties or cardiac arrest. The ventilator is pneumatic (i.e. no batteries required) and gives breath by breath consistency in delivered tidal volume, frequency, and flow rates.


The iBRID MX6 multi-gas monitor is a sturdy, battery-powered, handheld device to monitor gas concentrations - carbon monoxide, methane and oxygen, during underground emergencies. The MX6 has a full-colour display, a menu-driven navigation system, and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that on a full charge will operate for 24 hours.

SSR 90 M

The SSR 90 M is a self-contained, oxygen-generating rescue device for casualties during rescue operations. Mine rescue personnel carry the SSR 90 M underground and are able to provide the casualty with at least 90 minutes of breathing air. The weight of the unit is 10.3 lbs.



eDraulic Spreader/Cutter/Ram

Each eDraulic or electro-hydraulic tool is powered by a lithium ion battery, which when fully charged, has an operating life of 60 minutes. The tools give mine rescuers more options in responding to non-fire emergencies, particularly incidents requiring extrication equipment.

Chemguard High Expansion Foam Generator

Ontario Mine Rescue uses several different Chemguard foam generators. The generators are diesel-powered and are capable of producing 6000 cubic feet of foam a minute with a ratio of 1000 parts of air to 1 part of water.

Enerpac 1250 Self-Contained Hydraulic Bolt Cutter

The Enerpac 1250 Hydraulic Bolt Cutter is a self-contained, high-pressure cylinder with a guillotine-type cutter and a rotating head that can achieve a shearing force of 20 tons. The cutter does not actually cut the material but shears it



Darda Hydraulic Splitter

The Darda Hydraulic Splitter is a wedge-type splitter that can achieve a splitting force of 350 tons at a maximum 7,100 psi. The main parts of the splitter consist of two cylinders. The upper cylinder houses the piston which moves the wedge in the lower cylinder. The control valve that extends or retracts the wedge is operated by a single lever on top of the unit. When the control lever is turned to forward position, the wedge advance and the two feathers are forced sideways against the wall of the hole and, with hundreds of tons of pressure, tears rock or concrete apart. Depending on the materials, a break usually occurs within 10 to 60 seconds.

Maxiforce Lifting Bags

Maxiforce air bag systems are multi-application, portable inflation systems used for lifting and displacing heavy rigid objects. They are designated for use in emergency situations such as structural collapse and containment, vehicular extrications, industrial entrapment, and excavation collapse. Since the air bags contain no spark producing parts, they may be used in explosive environments.

Akron Low Expansion Foam System

The low expansion foam system can be used to extinguish small fires that the mine rescue team can safely approach. When sprayed, the foam can form a blanket over the fire to exclude oxygen and cool the material.

DeWalt Reciprocating Saw

The 18-volt Dewalt variable speed reciprocating saw is used for a variety of cutting application which include: vehicle extrication, conveyor belts, wood, various types of metal and clearing debris to facilitate safe rescues. The unit is equipped with metal and wood cutting blades. With two battery packs approximately one-hour of cutting may be performed.

MSA Thermal Imaging Cameras

The MSA Thermal Imaging Camera is a self-contained, battery-operated unit incorporating a miniature display monitor. It is intended primarily for use as a firefighting aid, giving good quality thermal pictures through dense smoke where normal vision is impossible.

Mine Rescue Vehicle

Mine Rescue Officers are provided with fully-equipped mine rescue vehicles and are available to respond to emergencies around the clock. Each vehicle has additional breathing apparatus, various consumables and non-fire equipment that can be used during emergencies.