Ontario Mine Rescue Products

Mine Rescue Refuge Station Report 2016

This new report provides an overview of this vital subject, including: legislated requirements; risk assessment; strategic location; design and construction; equipment and supplies; emergency procedures; commissioning, inspections and maintenance; and training. The information will be useful to anyone contemplating changes to their facilities

Mine Rescue Body Recovery Report

Mine emergencies and incidents can occur where the recovery of a body may become the responsibility of a mine operator. Though this operation is not within the mandate of the Ontario Mine Rescue program, volunteers may be involved due to their training and the nature of the incident. The Mine Rescue Body Recovery Report summarizes the roles and responsibilities of those involved in body recovery; outlines how to conduct a recovery; addresses concerns that may arise; and more, including a note on the need for critical incident response. This report is a necessary resource for those responsible for and/or involved in emergency response.

Mine Rescue Heat Stress Report and Heat Exposure Standard

As Ontario mines reach new depths and experience higher operating temperatures, mine rescuers face increased risk of heat stress disorders during training and call outs. This report provides guidance for mine operators and mine rescuers on heat exposure during mine rescue operations, including the Ontario Mine Rescue Heat Exposure Standard. 

Health & Safety Report: Mutual Aid Agreements

In mining there is a risk that any emergency can escalate into a major or prolonged incident that will require resources beyond the capabilities of an individual mine operation. Mutual Aid Agreements (MAAs) give mine operations a tool to support their emergency response plans and services by sharing resources. This report provides guidance on mutual aid agreements to mining sites in Ontario, but is not intended to be a substitute for legal or other professional advice.

Emergency Simulation Guideline for Underground Mines

This report will guide a workplace through developing and carrying out an emergency simulation. It includes sections on types of simulations, simulation set-up, operational guidelines, measuring performance and debriefing. Several appendices offer examples of checklists and an example of a full simulation, all of which can be adapted and used by any underground mine.

Emergency Preparedness Report

This manual is intended to be a reference guide to help Ontario mining companies prepare for emergency situations. The manual covers all aspects of emergency preparedness: the components of an emergency plan; training drills and media communication.

Emergency Response Planning for Surface Mines

The guideline covers nine steps to developing an emergency response plan, from assembling your team through to implementing the plan and training employees. The guideline also includes some practical, easy-to-use tools that help you assess what emergencies you need to plan for, and how complete your plan is.

Emergency Response Planning for Shaft Sinking

The purpose of this guideline is to assist mining operations and shaft contractors to create a new Emergency Response Plan for shaft sinking and rehabilitation operations or to revise an existing plan.