Physical Demands Analysis

A Physical Demands Analysis is a technique used to objectively measure the physical demands associated with a job. The tool evaluates the job and not the individual through describing the demands of the job. A Physical Demands Analysis is integral for a return-to-work (RTW) program.

A PDA should be completed jointly by a worker and an employer representative. The employer representative should have knowledge of how to complete PDA’s (i.e. a training course).  If PDA’s are developed by an external person, they should be reviewed and signed off by a worker and employer representative.

Physcial Demands Analysis - General

Ergonomics Physical Demands Analysis - PowerPoint presentation

Physical Demands Analysis - Form -Template

Physical Demands Analysis - Mobile Equipment


Chip Truck




Fuel Truck


Grapple Skidder

Haulage Truck

Log Truck

Log Truck - Forwarder

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