Ontario Mine Rescue

Mine rescue volunteers from K+S Windsor Salt Ojibway Mine accepting award

And the Winner is  K+S Windsor Salt

Mine rescue volunteers from K+S Windsor Salt Ojibway Mine know how to mark an occasion.

They celebrated the 90th anniversary of Ontario Mine Rescue and the 70th annual Ontario Mine Rescue Provincial Competition, by winning their first-ever champions’ gold hard hats in this year's event at Red Lake Gold Mines in Red Lake.

Though the Ojibway Mine team has competed more than a dozen times at the provincial event during the past 40 years, and previously won major awards, not until this year have they won the provincial title.

The week-long competition was organized by Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR), a part of Workplace Safety North, and hosted by Newmont Goldcorp, Red Lake Gold Mines. Major sponsors are Drager Safety and Newmont Goldcorp.

K+S Windsor Salt Ojibway Mine, was also awarded the John Guthrie (Special Equipment) Award during the closing banquet Friday, June 7. The team won the Southern District mine rescue competition in Goderich in May.

The Windsor Salt mine rescue team consisted of: Captain Adam Schraeder, #2 Al Gernon, #3 Dillon Perry, #4 Joe Schraeder, Vice-captain Phillip Schraeder, #6 Ethan Kirby, #7 Mike Yott, Briefing Officer Matt Stefanic, Team Co-ordinator Jeremy Bondy and team Manager Giovanni Grande.

Jean-Yves Doiron, a mine rescue technician with Vale Canada in Sudbury, won the award for top technician. Doiron won the Sudbury District competition in May.

Awards presented: 

  • First overall – K+S Windsor Salt, Ojibway Mine 
  • Overall runner-up – Newmont Canada, Porcupine Gold Mines 
  • Technicians – 1st Jean-Yves Doiron, Vale Canada
    – 2nd Norm Gannon Jr., Kirkland Lake Gold, Macassa Mine 
    – 3rd Steeve Pinel, Alamos Gold, Island Lake Gold Mine 
  • Team Firefighting – Newmont Goldcorp, Porcupine Gold Mines 
  • Team First Aid – Glencore, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations 
  • John Guthrie Award (Special Equipment) – K+S Windsor Salt, Ojibway Mine 
  • Theory Exam Award – Newmont Canada, Musselwhite Mine  

Competing in the event were:




Team - Barrick, Hemlo Williams Mine
Capt. Russell Eagle, #2 Alex Brown, #3 Evan Barley, #4 Kurtis Atkinson,
Vice-capt. Kyle Luce, #6 Brian Greenwood, BO Glenn Young
Technician - Steeve Pinel, Alamos Gold, Island Lake Gold Mine


Team - Kirkland Lake Gold, Macassa Mine
Capt. Hubert Gour, #2 Nick Perrier, #3 Rene Lavoie, #4 Basil Eraif, 
Vice-capt. Jason Dicaire, #6 Matt Watorek, BO Lino Therrien
Technician - Norm Gannon Jr., Kirkland Lake Gold Macassa Mine


Team - Glencore, Sudbury INO, Team Lefebvre
Capt. Andre Lefebvre, #2 Kara Deneka, #3 Joel Vaillancourt, #4 Jesse Legault,
Vice-capt. Julien Lalonde, #6 Alyssa Wilson, BO Joffre Sanftenberg
Technician - 


Team - Newmont Goldcorp, Musselwhite Mine
Capt. Kyle Fry, #2 Jack Lawson, #3 Gabriel Roy, #4 Ryan Swaluk,  
Vice-capt. Steve Godin, #6 Ryan Lepage, BO Chris Horde 
Technician - Ryan Thibeault, Newmont Goldcorp, Musselwhite Mine


Team - K+S Windsor Salt, Ojibway Mine
Capt Adam Schraeder, #2 Al Gernon, #3 Dillon Perry, #4 Joe Schraeder, 
Vice-capt. Phillip Schraeder, #6 Ethan Kirby, BO Matt Stefanic
Technician - Jim Ahrens, Compass Minerals, Goderich Mine


Team - Vale Canada, Team Hamilton
Capt. Jon Hamilton, #2 Roch Berthiaume, #3 Breanne Pilon, #4 Jacque Martin,
Vice-capt. Chris Charbonneau, #6 Aaron Brouse, Briefing Officer Lorne Belesky
Technician - Jean-Yves Doiron, Vale Canada


Team - North American Palladium Lac des Iles Mine
Capt Justin Wilson, #2 Brad Kemp, #3 Cody Vold, #4 Justin Earle, 
Vice-capt. Dave Chony, #6 Jeremiah White, BO Marcus Snow
Technician - Gil Noble, North American Palladium Lac des Iles Mine


Team - Newmont Goldcorp, Porcupine Gold Mines
Capt. Steve Charbonneau, #2 Eric Coderre, #3 Ryan Jones, #4 Mike Ladouceur,
Vice-capt. Yannick Marchand, #6 Chad Delaurier, BO Andrew Burns
Technician - Pete Gagne, Tahoe Canada Timmins West & Bell Creek Mines

Ontario Mine Rescue was established in 1929, a year after an underground fire at the Hollinger Mine in Timmins claimed the lives of 39 miners. Over the ensuing years, OMR has evolved from a fire service to full emergency response service for all underground emergencies.

The competitions organized by Ontario Mine Rescue, a part of Workplace Safety North, test the teams’ knowledge, firefighting skills, first aid response, use of emergency equipment, and decision-making ability under stress in a simulated underground emergency. Mine rescue equipment technicians from each mine also compete in a test of their abilities to service, diagnose and repair the specialized equipment used by teams.

Mine rescue competitions, which started in Ontario in 1950, are as much intensive learning opportunities as a chance to test emergency response capabilities. The competitions ensure that mine rescue volunteers across the province are trained to the same high standards.

Mine rescue team members, the backbone of Ontario Mine Rescue, are volunteer mine workers trained by Mine Rescue Officers to respond to all types of mine emergencies including fires, explosions and falls of ground. 

Under the authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario Mine Rescue staffs, equips and maintains a network of mine rescue stations across the province that ensure mines within a specified geographic area have adequate emergency response capability.

Workplace Safety North provides products and services to promote workplace health and safety in the mining, forestry, and paper, printing and converting industries, as well as workplaces across northern Ontario.

Ontario Mine Rescue volunteers star in video series

Ontario Mine Rescue family and families are playing a starring role in a video series, Drägerman Stories, produced and released by Dräger Safety.

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About Ontario Mine Rescue

Under the authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario Mine Rescue staffs, equips and maintains a network of mine rescue stations across the province that ensure mines within a specified geographic area have adequate emergency response capability.Ontario Mine Rescue, a part of Workplace Safety North (WSN), has trained and equipped thousands of volunteers who have fought fires, rescued injured personnel, and responded professionally to a wide array of incidents in the province's mines over the past eight decades. 

Our role includes delivering training to first responders, providing consultations, conducting periodic audits, ensuring WSN-owned equipment is maintained to manufacturers' recommended standards, and providing advice during mine emergencies.

Since its creation in 1929, Ontario Mine Rescue has established a reputation for high standards in training, equipment and emergency response, as well as in the development of safe, effective mine rescue practices. We have served as a role model for the establishment of training and safety programs for mine rescue organizations in other provinces and countries.

WSN maintains a Mine Rescue Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that provides advice and guidance to Ontario Mine Rescue. Under the leadership of the committee, we remain committed to continual improvement, ensuring the mining industry's mine rescue needs are met.

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