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Ontario Mine Rescue Handbook

2014 Handbook of Training in Mine Rescue and Recovery Operations (2015 reprint edition) - PDF

This is the most recent edition of the handbook, and includes the edits to the published 2015 reprint.


OMR Memorandum of Understanding

2016 Service Delivery MOU


2018 District & Provincial Competitions

Competition Resources

2018 Provincial Itinerary

2018 Provincial Competition Mine Maps

2018 Underground Operations & Mine Description

2018 Smoking on Company Property

2018 Underground Lockout Procedures

2018 Emergency Rescue Tents

2018 Procedures for Fall Protection

2018 Pedestrian Travel/Mobile Equipment Travel

2018 Refuge Station Procedure

2018 Fuelling Equipment

2018 MCM Conveyance Evacuation Plan

2018 Isometric View

2018 ShiftRescue User Guide

District and Provincial Competition Rules

District Mine Description

District Mine Map

First Aid Judges Information


Standard Resources

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