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Approved trainer demonstrating safe chainsaw use

Provincially-approved training certification requires a WSN-approved trainer

Forestry Mandatory Skills Common Core courses and on-site worker evaluations are available from qualified Workplace Safety North (WSN) staff and WSN-approved trainers. This training is available for both logging and non-logging (other industries) sectors.
Approved trainers are certified by WSN to deliver the following common core courses and evaluate workers on-site for final certification:
  • Mechanical Harvesting Equipment Operator (MHEO)
  • Forestry Pit and Road Construction Equipment Operator (FPRCEO) 
  • Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation (IPCO)
  • Introduction to Professional Cable Skidding (IPCS)
Employers must use an approved trainer to conduct a final on-site trainee skills evaluation before completion of the MLTSD Modular Training Report. Training must be successfully completed before the Signing Authority can verify certification and the Modular Training Report is submitted to the local MLTSD office.
For more information, contact WSN Training Department.


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