JHSC Certification Part 2 - Offices

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Learn to Recognize and Control Hazards in Your Workplace Certification is a two-step training process. Part Two builds on what you've learned in Part One and is the final step to becoming a certified member of a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). Committee members become certified after completing BOTH Part One and Part Two training, which must be completed within twelve months of each other.
This highly interactive and engaging 2-day Part Two training is based on the NEW Certification Training Program Standard and takes JHSC members on a journey. The focus is on strengthening participants' understanding of the RACE process (Recognition, Assessment, Control and Evaluation) so they could apply this to ALL hazards in their workplace, not just those covered in the course. Delivered by experienced health and safety experts that know your industry and the risks you face.
All participants must meet the minimum training requirement to successfully complete the program. If portions of the program are missed, the participant will be required to retake the training.
This course provides hazard-specific offices sector training that gives learners the knowledge and skills to recognize assess and control hazards in their workplace and to evaluate hazard controls. 

Each section of the course reviews a significant hazard in office environments.
These include:

  • musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)
  • motor vehicle incidents
  • workplace violence and harassment
  • exposure to hazardous substances
  • unsafe material handling
  • working at heights. 

Intended Audience: 
The course is designed for JHSC members or anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the specific hazards within their workplace.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Confirmation of Identification:

The instructor will be required to verify participant’s identification by checking valid photo ID prior to the start of the course. Please ensure that you bring one of the following accepted identification credentials with you: Canadian or foreign passport; Canadian citizenship card; Immigration and Refugee Report; Enhanced driver’s licence issued by Ontario; or Ontario Health Insurance Card.
NOTE: Failing to provide the proper credentials will result in a non-completion of the training program and no record of training will be issued.


2 days
Material(s) included with this course: 
Equipment needed: 
Currently there are no sessions scheduled for this course. Please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives or call 1-888-730-7821 to inquire about future course openings or to be placed on a wait list for this course.