Mobile Machine Lockout: Control of Energy Hazards in Forestry

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This classroom training program is designed to provide information about controlling energy hazards workers are exposed to when conducting maintenance, repairs or troubleshooting on typical mobile machines, equipment and work processes in forestry operations.
The shutdown, lockout and zero-energy state information in this program can provide valuable orientation and refresher training for forestry mobile machine operators and mechanics who work on these machines in any of the following areas:
  • Mechanical harvesting operations
  • Gravel pit and road construction activities
  • Traditional cut and skid harvesting
  • Haul truck loading
  • On-site whole-tree chipping and slashing
  • Machines used in reforestation and scarification
  • Mill yard loading and unloading
Routine maintenance and minor repairs are usually the job of the operator. More technical and complicated repairs are the responsibility of the heavy mobile machine mechanic. Any of these workers can be exposed to deadly hazards from unanticipated machine startup or movement. They can be exposed to high levels of electrical, hydraulic and kinetic energy if these powerful forces are not eliminated before maintenance or repair work is started.
The course material describes procedures and requirements for the creation of a zero-energy state and lockout as the key hazard control measures to protect workers exposed to these hazards. Regular monitoring and enforcement of lockout by supervisors is essential to the success of any lockout procedure.
Intended Audience: 
This course is intended for workers and operators in the forest industry who are required to lockout mobile equipment or machinery as part of their job responsibility. Supervisors, JHSC members, health and safety representatives and employers will also benefit.


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