Working at Heights Refresher

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Workers who have completed an approved Working at Heights safety course and whose work is covered by the Regulations for Construction Projects are required to take a Working at Heights refresher course within three years of the date of completion of the training.
For workers covered by all other regulations, including the Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants and Regulations for Industrial Establishments, training frequency is determined by the employer, but WSN recommends refresher training at least every three years.
This refresher course focuses on the practical aspects of using fall protection systems and other equipment used for working at heights. Among the topics covered in the course are:
  • warning methods, such as signage, bump lines and barriers, used to identify fall hazards to workers to prevent falls from heights
  • different types of work positioning systems that may be available to safely perform a variety of tasks at height, including scaffolds and powered elevating work platforms
  • different types of personal fall protection systems, including their limitations, appropriate uses, components, and set-up
  • hands-on experience setting up, wearing and using personal fall protection equipment.
Successful completion of Working at Heights Safety Training delivered by an approved MLITSD training provider.
Intended Audience: 
This training is intended for workers, supervisors, joint health and safety committee members, health and safety representatives or anyone else who works at heights, works with or supervises people who work at heights.
Additional Information: 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Participants must bring the following PPE that is maintained and in good working order as per the manufacturer’s specifications and regulatory requirements:
- CSA-approved footwear

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Confirmation of Proof of Completion of Working at Heights training:

The instructor must verify each participant’s successful completion of an MLITSD-approved Working at Heights training program by noting the Learner ID number found on the proof of completion card for that course.  All participants must bring their proof of completion card with them to the Working at Heights Refresher course. If they have lost their proof of completion card, they can contact the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development for their learner ID number. Participants must also provide valid photo ID.


0.5 days
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Equipment needed: 
Currently there are no sessions scheduled for this course. Please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives or call 1-888-730-7821 to inquire about future course openings or to be placed on a wait list for this course.