Training Partners

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Training Partners

Find out how to join the WSN training partner program
For more than 100 years, Ontario health and safety association Workplace Safety North (WSN) has been helping make workplaces safer for forestry, mining, printing, paper, converting, and small business. Thousands of Ontarians receive Joint Health and Safety Committee certification and Working at Heights safety training each year through WSN and Training Partners across the province.
WSN Training Partners can be large or small businesses, community or municipal organizations, corporations, or other organizations that have an agreement with WSN to deliver Ministry of Labour-approved training in their community or to their employees. For more information, please contact

Benefits of becoming a WSN Training Partner 

  • Professional, high-quality research and program development so you can be confident in providing the latest and best training possible
  • WSN is an MOL-approved provider of Working at Heights safety training and Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification training
  • Courses meet Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations and are approved by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL)
  • Your annual training program updates are provided by WSN
  • Ability to offer your own site-specific training
  • Increase your capacity to train workers
  • Training available on-site or through a network of WSN Health and Safety Specialists located across Ontario
  • High-quality, full-colour, competitively-priced training materials available in both official languages
  • Ministry of Labour training records for all successful participants are submitted by WSN

Course Descriptions

WSN offers Ministry of Labour-approved courses that meet the needs of a variety of workplaces, including Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) certification training, and Working at Heights (WAH) safety training. When you choose both JHSC and WAH Training Partner courses, you’re eligible for a multi-course discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for the WSN Training Partners program?

E-mail about which training program you would like to become a training partner for. Available programs include Working at Heights Safety Training (WAH), Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification (JHSC), and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). You can also call 1-888-730-7821 toll-free or (705) 474-7233 to speak to a customer service representative, or contact your local WSN Health and Safety Specialist.

2. What type of qualifications do I need to become a WSN Training Partner?

Experience in health and safety training with adult learners will help to ensure your success as a WSN Training Partner. Each training program has a unique set of qualifications and competencies required for training partners. Trainer applications for Working at Heights, Joint Health and Safety Committee and WHMIS training programs form part of the application process. 

3. Where is the training offered?

Once registered in the Training Partners program, you will be contacted to schedule training at your convenience. As a WSN Training Partner, you are a specialized member who has joined with WSN in an effort to help make workplaces safer. Your learning experience will be tailored to your specific needs, and the WSN Health and Safety Specialist will come to your workplace or community to help ensure your success.

4. What are the qualifications of WSN Health and Safety Trainers?

WSN Health and Safety Specialists are highly experienced and qualified trainers who specialize in one or more of the various work sectors served by WSN. They are trained adult educators with specific knowledge and expertise in the hazards most prevalent to the sectors they serve.

5. Do you have a course description for Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification?

6. Do you have a course description for Working at Heights Safety Training?

7. Do you have a course description for WHMIS?

8. What are the benefits to becoming a WSN Training Partner?

Becoming a Training Partner allows you to deliver high quality training programs to your own workplace, or within your community, eliminating the need to develop your own training material. WSN Working at Heights and Joint Health and Safety Committee training programs are Ministry of Labour-approved, and as a training partner you can be confident you’re delivering training that meets the legislative standard. You have the flexibility to deliver the training at your convenience, when and where it fits best for you and your organization.

9. How long does it take to get approved and start training?

Once registered in the WSN Training Partner program, the entire process to achieve your WSN Training Partner status happens within a matter of weeks. Arrangements will be made as soon as possible to set up necessary training, coaching and assessment activities provided for WSN Training Partners. 

10. How often is course material updated?

As a WSN Training Partner, you will receive all course material updates. WSN Working at Heights and Joint Health and Safety Committee programs are evaluated on an annual basis to ensure they are up to date and relevant. As a WSN Training Partner, you will receive course material updates and other information regarding changes to the program at the same time as WSN trainers receive it.