Worker falls 12 feet during equipment maintenance

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What happened?

A maintenance millwright was removing an old piece of equipment and when climbing down from working at a height of approximately 12 feet, he slipped and fell, sustaining significant injuries to his head, neck and back.

At the time of the incident, the millwright was removing the old equipment with the help of another worker who was on an elevated platform. 

After removing the equipment, the worker on the platform safely lowered himself and the equipment to the ground. When the worker turned around, he saw the millwright falling.

The millwright was tied off with a fall arrest harness lifeline, however when he started to climb down, he slipped and fell.

How could the incident have been prevented?

  • Jobs should be well planned, and safe installation methods must be followed during and after the work.

  • If not attached when going up and down from a work area, workers must use fall protection with a self-retracting lifeline and follow safe work practices (i.e. 3-point contact).

  • Position ladder properly, especially in congested areas; maintain all portable ladders and similar equipment.

  • Anyone who works at heights must be trained in fall protection.

  • Supervisors should routinely review workplace fall hazards and fall protection measures with workers, and continue to monitor and enforce safety requirements daily.