Building a culture of safety: Workplace Safety North unveils recognition program

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Ontario mining and forest companies can boost safety culture

In the pursuit of safety and well-being in the workplace, Ontario mining and forest products companies now have a unique opportunity to gain recognition through the Workplace Culture Maturity Awards

These awards, facilitated by Workplace Safety North (WSN), aim to celebrate and honour the journey of companies towards fostering a positive health and safety culture.

Beyond compliance: Workplace Culture Maturity Awards promote organizational health

Research conducted by the Institute for Work and Health in 2017 validated the effectiveness of the WSN Climate Assessment and Audit Tool (CAAT). The findings revealed that companies with robust safety cultures experienced fewer cases of injured worker compensation claims. Now, the Workplace Culture Maturity Awards leverage this evidence-based research, using a staff perception survey to gauge the current cultural climate within workplaces.

Open to forest products and mining companies served by Workplace Safety North, including forestry, paper, printing, converting sectors, as well as surface and underground mining operations, these awards provide a valuable opportunity for self-assessment and improvement.

Participating in the Workplace Culture Maturity Awards not only qualifies your company for recognition but also provides invaluable insights for improvement. It acknowledges the progress made while highlighting areas for further development in workplace culture.

Benefits of Applying for the Workplace Culture Maturity Awards

  • Demonstrate a commitment to health and safety.
  • Gain external recognition for your dedication to health and safety.
  • Foster a safer and healthier workplace environment.
  • Create healthy and safe organizations.
  • Encourage supportive leadership and promote employee ownership of safety.
  • Foster a culture of learning through self-reflection and continuous improvement.
  • Emphasize the priority of health and safety within the organization.

How to Apply for a Workplace Culture Maturity Award

  • Download and Review: Begin by downloading and reviewing the Applicant Guide and Application Form available on the Workplace Safety North website.
  • Complete Application: Fill out the application form and submit it between January 31 and October 31.
  • Assessment Completion: Qualifying firms must complete their assessment before November 30.
  • Analysis and Results: WSN will analyze the submissions and share the results by December 15.
  • Award Presentation: Awards will be presented at the Mining Health and Safety Conference for mining firms in April and at the WSN Annual General Meeting for all firms in September of the following year.

The Workplace Culture Maturity Awards offer a significant opportunity for companies to showcase their dedication to the safety and well-being of their workers. By participating, companies not only demonstrate their commitment but also contribute to creating a safer and healthier work environment for all. For more information or assistance, contact your local WSN Health and Safety Specialist.


Workplace Culture Maturity Awards

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