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Workplace Safety North announces top 10 news articles, webpages, videos, events, downloads, and training

Heat and cold stress, and government information were top of mind for 2023 occupational health and safety based on the Workplace Safety North (WSN) news articles, webpages, free resources, downloads, training, events, and videos that people found most helpful and interesting.

Top 10 Health and Safety News Articles

Heat stress, cold stress, and government information were the most popular news articles with readers for a total of 37,690 pageviews.

  1. How to manage heat stress in the workplace – 20,067 pageviews
  2. Winter is coming: What to wear for outdoor work – 5,654 pageviews
  3. What’s new and changing for workplace health and safety in 2023 – 2,773 pageviews
  4. What is a critical injury? – 2,348 pageviews
  5. A step-by-step guide: What to expect from a Ministry of Labour visit – 1,909 pageviews
  6. Professional chainsaw training in Ontario updated – 1,416 pageviews
  7. New regulation streamlines reporting requirements for critical injury – 1,245 pageviews
  8. How to avoid heat stress for masked workers - 1,215 pageviews
  9. Young workers at higher risk for injury and death – 1,174 pageviews
  10. New diesel exposure limit for underground mines in Ontario – 1,159 pageviews

Top 10 Webpages

The top ten webpages at were visited 112,206 times and included the homepage, training course catalogue, free resources, as well as events and careers.

  1. WSN homepage – 46,467 pageviews
  2. Course Catalogue – 16,485 pageviews
  3. Ontario Mine Rescue – 7,315 pageviews
  4. Free Resources – 6,416 pageviews
  5. Events – 6,372 pageviews
  6. Online E-learning Training – 6,601 pageviews
  7. Mining Health and Safety Conference – 5,944 pageviews
  8. Careers – 5,861 pageviews
  9. Upcoming Training – 5,807 pageviews
  10. About WSN – 4,938 pageviews

Top 10 Health and Safety Resources

This year web users viewed 18,231 pages of resource information on heat stress, mental health, vehicle safe operating procedures, machine safety, and winter driving.

  1. Beat the Heat Safety Meeting Talk Presentation – 3,323 pageviews
  2. Heat Stress Awareness Guide – 2,420 pageviews
  3. Truck driver – Standard safe operating practices for truck operators – 1,993 pageviews
  4. Mining health and safety statistics – 1,840 pageviews
  5. Workplace mental health resources – 1,791 pageviews
  6. Hazard Alert: Heat stress – 1,655 pageviews
  7. New and young workers – 1,652 pageviews
  8. Forest products industry – 1,586 pageviews
  9. Hazards Associated with Mobile Equipment Operation: Fatigue, Line-of-Sight and Situational Awareness, and Vibration and Posture – 1,545 pageviews
  10. Winter driving safety meeting talk - 1,976 pageviews

Top 10 Health and Safety Downloads

Web users downloaded 14,115 guides and safety talks on heat and cold stress, as well as vehicle safe operating procedure guidelines, and the WSN catalogue.

  1. Beat the Heat Safety Meeting Presentation and Leader Guide – 4,508 downloads
  2. Heat Stress Awareness Guide – 2,420 downloads
  3. Hazard Alert: Heat stress can be a killer – 1,655 downloads
  4. Truck Driver Safe Operating Procedures guideline – 1,511 downloads
  5. Winter Driving Safety Talk - 822 downloads
  6. Mining Health and Safety Conference program – 772 downloads
  7. Heat stress vs heat stroke comparison – 687 downloads
  8. Mining health and safety infographic – 671 downloads
  9. Heavy Equipment Operator Safe Operating Procedures guideline - 572 downloads
  10. Health and Safety Training Catalogue – 496 downloads

Top 10 Health and Safety Training - Instructor-led Virtual or In-person Courses

Based on the number of people registered for courses in 2023, mine rescue, working at heights, Joint Health and Safety Committee, and mining safety training were in high demand.

  1. Ontario Mine Rescue Certification, Evaluation and Refresher Training
  2. Working at Heights Safety Training
  3. Competent Supervisor
  4. Mental Health 101
  5. Mining Supervisor Common Core: Act and Mining Regulations
  6. Mining Supervisor Common Core: Introduction to Safety Programs
  7. Respectful Workplace: Violence and Harassment Prevention
  8. Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Training Part 1
  9. Mining Supervisor Common Core: Manage Employees
  10. Principles of Traffic Protection

Top five E-learning Courses

  1. Mechanical Harvesting/Forestry Pit and Road Construction Equipment Operator Common Core
  2. Health and Safety Representative Basic Training
  3. Safe Driving on Forest Roads E-learning
  4. JHSC Certification Training Part 1 E-learning
  5. Opérateur de machines d'exploitation mécanisée, de carrière et de construction de routes en forêt - formation de base

Top Health and Safety Events

More than 850 people attended WSN in-person and online safety events, with topics ranging from mining and battery electric vehicles to psychological safety.

  1. Mining Health and Safety Conference – 250 attendees
  2. Roles and Responsibilities for Training Signing Authorities – 100 attendees
  3. Battery Electric Vehicle Safety in Mines Symposium – 196 attendees
  4. New diesel exposure limit for underground mines in Ontario – 138 attendees
  5. How to prepare for Ontario inspection campaign of Mining Common Core Modular Training – 102 attendees
  6. Interaction with mobile equipment top health and safety risk for underground mines in Ontario – 27 attendees
  7. Unlocking workplace wellbeing: Psychological safety essentials for small business – 23 attendees
  8. New Research on Root Causes of Pedestrian-Mobile Equipment Incidents – 17 attendees

Top 10 Health and Safety Videos

WSN videos received more than 89,000 views and people watched almost 9,000 hours on topics like chainsaw use, propane handling, loader and lift truck operation, and young worker orientation.

  1. Notching and backcutting – 19,700 views
  2. Kickback – 13,991 views
  3. Safe Chainsaw Use – Kickback (Preview) – 13,775 views
  4. Industrial Lift Truck Operation – 11,652 views
  5. Erase the Hazard – Safe Use of Machinery – 3,947 views
  6. Yard Loader Safety Training – 1,963 views
  7. Safe Propane Handling – 1,920 views
  8. Safe Chainsaw Handling - 1,114 views
  9. Young worker orientation – “Will you think of Dave?” - 1,060 views
  10. Young worker orientation – Speak Up! – 1,004 views

An independent not-for-profit, Workplace Safety North (WSN) is one of four sector-based health and safety associations in Ontario. Headquartered in northern Ontario, WSN administers the Ontario Mine Rescue program, and provides government-approved province-wide workplace health and safety training and services for the mining and forest products industries.

With health and safety specialists and mine rescue officers located across the province, WSN and its legacy organizations have been helping make Ontario workplaces safer for more than 100 years. A leading provider of health and safety training and consulting, businesses call upon WSN for expert advice and information. For more information, contact Workplace Safety North.


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